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February Reflection Saints festivals are traditionally the date of their death or reburial, but with communities working to different calendars dates aren't set in stone. Matthias is one such saint, for up until fifty years ago we remembered him in February. Matthias the apostle – not one of the original Twelve but the replacement for Judas, chosen by lot. (Acts 1 v26).

A far more recent saint whose death is within living memory is Janani Luwum, Archbishop of Uganda. I was in the country on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death and met people who had known and worked with him but I was unaware of any commemorations – maybe it was still too raw. Think how those who went through the World Wars held on to their stories.

We know little of Matthias' life but we can still speak to people who knew Janani Luwum. Both accepted their lot, both lived and died for their Lord.

Will you follow their example? DL