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Monthly Reflections’

May Reflection Jesus sent his disciples out in twos and some saints are commemorated in pairs. Our Biblical couple are Philip and James. Philip, known in John's gospel for his comments - “there's not enough money to feed these people”, “Show us the Father” - and for bringing people to Jesus, first Nathaniel, then some Greeks. And then James, son of Alphaeus, who is called James the Less to distinguish him from James, son of Zebedee, and the fact that we know less about him! He was probably a leader of the early church in Jerusalem.

We do know about our latter day couple – John and Charles Wesley. This month marks Aldersgate Day, when John, encouraged by his brother, went unwillingly to a service during which his “heart was strangely warmed” and his life was transformed.

Workmates, friends, family – whatever our relationships we need the support of others to show the world the way God loves and cares for us, and then to pass that love on.