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June Reflections In Mozambique, Bible Society is establishing Bible Hubs across this huge country. These small regional offices run Bible distribution, translation and literacy programmes. This will enable more people in each church to have their own Bibles. Recently, one opened in Massinga – a coastal city eight hours north of the capital Maputo. As the doors opened the pastors burst into spontaneous songs of praise and danced into the building.

In Jewish communities a new Torah scroll is danced into the Synagogue.

The Psalms exhort us to praise God in the dance and we sing Lord of the Dance, but do our actions match our words?

Maybe we're not ready for dancing in church but some communities run Tea Dances as social get-togethers for their local community and we're told dancing is good for memory and coordination, especially as we get older!

Let them praise his name with dancing. Ps 149:3 NIV DL