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March Reflection Christmas is well and truly over - but it all starts this month! Mary says “yes” to God when she receives a visit from Gabriel. Lady Day usually falls in Lent, Mary's joy is linked with her pain, just as Simeon foretold. Mary sings of her joy in God's promise amidst the reflectiveness of Lent, birth and death live side-by-side and the light of Christ shines in both.

Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, said “yes” to God, by speaking out against poverty, social injustice and torture. It led to his assassination on 24th March 1980. He had just preached a sermon in the chapel of a hospital specialising in Oncology and Care for the Terminally Ill. As with the authorities in Jesus' day his words were unpopular - only the year before he said in a sermon: “We are not involved in politics; we turn the gospel's light on the political scene, but the main thing for us is to light the lamp of the gospel in our communities.”

As we travel through Lent where can we shine the light of Christ? DL