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Monthly Reflections’

August Reflections Bible Society have only just been able to speak of their work in Morocco and it's still too dangerous to name any of their colleagues, one of whom has been to jail many times during his 17 year ministry. In 2010 dozens of foreign missionaries were expelled from Morocco but the Church has grown since this time. Some people come to faith through watching Christian TV and then approach Bible Society to obtain a Bible, who also put them in contact with their local Christian community. Social Media is another source of contact. Every week around a hundred requests for Bibles are received – all this in a country where telling people about Jesus is illegal, Christians lose their jobs, can be rejected by their family, maybe even be killed. Yet the Moroccan colleague believes the Church will keep growing, in number, involvement and bravery.

As we reach the end of a year reflecting on Bible Society's work let's remember those places where work is being carried out in secret, and also those people risking liberty and life for the sake of the Gospel. They daily live Jesus' words in Mark, chap 8, verse 35: “Whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.” DL