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Monthly Reflections’

September Reflections When I think of harvest I think of Michaelmas daisies, the flowers I would take as a child to Harvest Festival. Michaelmas, after St Michael, whom the Church remembers at the end of this month, Michael who garners souls for heaven.

It made me wonder which other saints are remembered this month. One, picked up by the Proms is Hildegard von Bingen, some of her music is being played in “Before the Ending of the Day”, a concert devoted to sacred music. Hildegard lived over 900 years ago and is considered one of the first identifiable Western composers. Her music is still touching hearts today and she has a wider audience now than in her own time when only her nuns would have sung it. As we bring our harvest produce let's remember that harvests are much more than gifts of food and flowers. DL