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Monthly Reflections’

November Reflections November is the month of Scottish saints – Andrew, the disciple who brought people to Jesus, along with Margaret who taught her children to read and explained God's love to them. Margaret was Queen of Scotland between 1069 and 1093. Born in Hungary as her English father was living in exile, she was shipwrecked off Scotland, married Malcolm III and bore him eight children.

A devout woman she understood the need for literacy. Through her love she influenced her husband to moderate his ways and amongst many good works she eased the path of pilgrims to St Andrew's by providing the ferry at Queensferry.

In this month of remembering let's remember those who have brought us to God – either directly or by easing our path.

An afterthought – Scotland has Andrew and Margaret; Ireland has Patrick and Brigid; Wales has David and Non. Any thoughts for who should join George for England?