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Thank you for the shoes

There was a great response from the village and area for the Shoe Drive. Bags kept arriving on a daily basis with often several bags a day. Well over 100 bags of varying sizes were delivered to the church. The shoes were brought into the church and formed a small part of our Harvest. We are most grateful to everyone from the village and beyond who brought shoes, boots, handbags and belts. We also thank the team of volunteers who sorted the shoes and bagged them up into the large sacks. Each sack was weighed and contains 10 Kg of shoes. At the end of the morning we had 270 Kg of shoes etc. ready to be delivered to Buckfast in early October.

If someone asks: Donated shoes are to be reused or recycled – either sent to the Third World if wearable or turned into whatever old shoes can be made into! Money received for the shoes will be used to buy new school shoes or new uniforms for children in Africa. (The Shoe Drive is operated by The Gambia Fellowship Association – Reg. Charity No 1071386 and Seeds Sowers, Malawi)

Harvest Weekend Thank you for all the harvest gifts received, including the flowers and fruit and vegetables. Harvest Supper was enjoyed by a large number of people – the maximum number we can fit in the hall. Once again the main course came hot from the village deli and the sweets were kindly donated by members of the congregation. It was followed by light entertainment. The supper raised a total of £164 for All We Can. We welcomed back Rev Andrew Sails, a former minister of our church, to lead our Harvest service which was shared with friends from St Martin’s. A large amount of non-perishable food went to St Petrock’s and the Sunday loose cash and proceeds from the supper amounted to a total of £362.20 for All We Can charity which supports relief and development projects around the world.