Exminster Methodist Church
Exminster Methodist Church, Main Road, Exminster EX6 8BT
Email exminstermethodists@yahoo.co.uk, Minister: Rev Ben Haslam, Telephone (01392) 256716

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to be a Christian to come to church ?
Why would I come to church if I was not a Christian?
To meet people. To share problems. To make Sunday different
To consider things in life that are outside the realm of science. e.g. Birth, Marriage, Love and Life.
To sing. To arrange flowers. To read.
To help your children to learn about good things
To pray (be honest even non believers pray)
Will I be thrown out if I say what I think?
No, Honesty is a virtue and it is not for us to judge. In our view that is Gods job. As Christians, we should try not to judge other people.
What is Methodism?
The strict answer is that Methodists believe that authority from God comes through the bible. Most people think that the bible justifies practically anything but in fact that is far from true.
Does Methodism have an emphasised teaching? (like Baptists emphasise Baptism).
Our emphasis is in being inclusive; sharing and caring. Come along and see is the best answer. Like you might prefer one food to another you need to really go and see to find the answer.
Friendliness, Fellowship and integrating life with worship. Believing in each other.