Exminster Methodist Church
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Baptism (Christening)   Weddings   Funerals


We are happy to speak with you about this important event for your family. A Baptism is an opportunity to thank God for the new life entrusted to you.

At the Baptism you make promises for your child. If these promises are real to you then you may want to make them for yourself too. You and your child can be baptised together. You make the promises with God's help - not by yourself.

You can become baptised if you want God to be part of your life; If you want to be part of a supportive community; if you want to explore more about the deeper meaning of life.

We will support you in your spiritual journey, offer guidance and share our faith stories - the rest is between you and God.

If you say "yes" we will help you mark the occasion.


A wedding makes your partner to be legally next of kin; it gives Gods blessing on this change in relationship; it gives witness to this family formation before your wider family, your friends and your neighbours.

Contact us for more details. We can offer a venue for 60 people. There are no set charges for this service but we do ask for a donation towards costs. A pianist would require a fee.


Saying "Goodbye" to a loved one isn't easy. We would be privileged to help and support you at this difficult time. A funeral can take place in the church, if you wish. We do not have a burial ground and so a burial or cremation would take place elsewhere, either before or after the service.

For many people today, a Thanksgiving Service is more appropriate. This may take place at the time of the funeral or a little while later, perhaps if family and friends are unable to gather together due to distance.

For these and other life events :- celebrating an adoption, wedding anniversary, significant birthday - please contact us, we are here to help.